Meet Directors Resources

Become a Meet Director

First thing first, you'll need to be a USA Powerlifting member in good standing and you will need to take our SafeSport training and have a quick background check done.

USA Powerlifting Membership

Send an email to the State Chairs explaining your intent and they will give you some direction on what the approval process is.

Securing a Sanction

You will need a login and password for the USA Powerlifting Meet Directors Resource Center. This area is linked to our membership database and if you aren't current with your membership you will not be able to get in.

Meet Directors Resource Center

The first section you'll need to visit is the Request a Sanction area. A local meet sanction will cost you $75. In order to fill it out, you will need to have a minimum of 3 active referees. Of those referees, 1 will need to be a female to handle the weigh-in and drug testing duties at the competition. At the bottom of the page is the Referee Validation area and it will list referees in your state (NY). You will also be able to see if any of those referees have signed the DCO (Doping Control Officer) form.

  1. Talk to your STate Chair about an appropriate date for your event

  2. Fill out the sanction form and pay the fee

  3. Forward the email you recieve to so the State Chair's to sign

  4. This will generate another email

  5. Forward that email to the National Office and they will review the sanction request.

  6. If things are all good you will recieve your sanction paperwork within a week or less

  7. Once you have your sanction number NY-202x-xx you can now start accepting registrations

  8. Failure to wait until an approved sanction has been sent will result in doping fees not being reimbursed and future meet sanctions could be at risk

Using USA Powerlifting Intellectual Property

If you plan on using the USA Powerlifting logo on anything competition -related you will need to fill out the USA Powerlifting Intellectual Property/Logo Use Form which is located in the Meet Directors Resource Center under the Using the USA Powerlifting Logo/Intellectual Property section.

Fill out the form with your intent and what style logo you wish to receive and the National Office will review and send you the requested logo(s). The email you get from the submission will have a Submission ID# which you will need when you submit your artwork so don't delete it.

When you are ready to submit your artwork go back into the Meet Directors Resource Center and back into the Using the USA Powerlifting Logo/Intellectual Property section. Select the Artwork Submission option and fill out the form with your Submission ID# and attach your artwork. Wait for the National Office to review your submission and make any edits as directed.

Make sure you review the USA Powerlifting Intellectual Property/Logo Use Policy as there are specifics related to size, position, colors, etc.

Competition Medals